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How to update account settings of your website at DataGifting

vtu business website setup

At this stage, you will have completed setting up all the services you want to sell, and if you aren’t done yet we advise that you complete the price setups on your website first, please see the guide here on how to setup vtu portal on datagifting without coding

Let us get started on the account settings update.

Sign in to your administrator account

  1. Locate and click Account Setting, it is a sub-menu of System functions in the left menu.
  2. LOGO: Upload your website logo.
  3. VENDOR KYC: On the same page scroll down and locate Vendor KYC, BVN, and NIN can be verified here for Automated Bank Account to reflect on your Vendor account Dashboard, please note that this is optional for Vendors because it has nothing to do with your customers’ wallet funding. NB: Updated BVN & NIN will not be shown for your privacy security and note that a certain charge is applied for every successful BVN (₦30) and NIN (₦100) verification respectively.
  4. PASSWORD: You can change your password to a new one when you scroll down the page further (Optional).
  5. BANK INFORMATION: Scroll down to the Bank Information Section and fill in your Bank Account details, and the amount you want to charge your customers in this section, the charges can be N20, N30, or N50, the account details are for your customers to be paying to in case you want them to do manually Bank transfers while they submit payment notifications and you will only need to click Accept Payment.
  6. DAILY PURCHASE LIMIT: You can set this to 1 or 2 depending on how you want it, this section helps protect you and your customers against duplicate transactions. Note B: If you set 1, your customer can only purchase a service once a day for a particular number.
  7. USER MINIMUM FUNDING: This section is not necessary though, but it helps protect your website against unwanted users. If you set an amount for example N500, your customer will be redirected to the payment gateway page and they must pay through the payment gateway page not less than the amount you set. We recommend that you either leave this section empty as it is or make sure you have completed your payment gateway setup before adding an amount. Note B: Once you add an amount and save, you can not change it to zero.
  8. PAYMENT ORDER: Set the minimum amount and the maximum amount you want your customers to be able to submit in this section, for example, you can set 200 as the minimum, and 20,000 as the maximum or more.
  9. RECAPTCHA SET-UP: This is also very important, you need to set this because it will secure the registration page against bots, if it is not set, it means you disabled registration, if set, then customers can register a new account. Here are the Recaptcha Keys
    copy and paste in SITE-KEY BOX: 6Ld2ZDshAAAAALbGRsM6a5Goeii9xFwoi8weIdqU
    copy and paste in SECRET-KEY BOX: 6Ld2ZDshAAAAAEJEf2_cAmCVqZp4ynreoKLTQRkz
    Click Update Recaptcha Key
  10. USER UPGRADE PRICE: Set 1 in the first box, set 500 in the next two boxes, or 1000 depending on the amount you want to charge customers for upgrading their account in other to get a better discount.
  11. REFERRAL PERCENTAGE: Set any number here between 1 to 100, this is the affiliate commission you want to give to anyone who refers people to your website, they will get a commission when the user they refer upgrades their account according to the percentage you set.
  12. SITE DETAILS: Type your website Title and Description and save. You have completed the settings.


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